Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

We were all over the place for this trip. We were gone for over two weeks, stayed in five different places, and I packed TEN, yes ten, different times because we were hopping between houses. A few highlights:
Hiking in Palm Springs
Pool time
Beach trips
He loved playing in the sand.
Watching Austin skydive
Austin's mission farewell
And time at the cabin
During this trip, we were thrilled to get a job offer on, you guessed it, June 28th. We'll be moving in about two weeks and we're so excited that Josh will have the opportunity to practice criminal law. He's doing exactly what he wanted to do when he started law school, which is pretty cool.


  1. looks like a fun and eventful trip! Sweet Noah has the cutest smiley eyes...I am so in love with them!

    1. It was a blast! I love his smiley face too! He's such a sweetheart!

  2. I am loving the picture of the little Noah over the shoulder. That face is adorable, almost as good as the one of him sticking his tongue out.

    Congratulations on the job offer!!!!


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