Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why I'll Hire a Doula for My Next Birth

I always knew that I wanted to have an unmedicated birth, I just wasn't sure how I would go about achieving it. One thing I knew I definitely didn't want was a doula. It seemed like an unnecessary expense, and I preferred to have as few people in the room as possible anyway.

Josh was totally supportive of my goal and birth plan. He was familiar with the Hypnobirthing method. He had learned about the birth process right along side me and shared my enthusiasm for avoiding certain interventions. We practiced the techniques we thought we may want to use. He should have been a fantastic birth partner. But he wasn't, because he's a boy. And because of that he didn't understand what I was feeling or what I needed.

I was fantastically lucky to have a nurse who had used the same method I was using to give birth to her own child. She helped me in a way that only a woman who had experience with unmedicated birth could. She helped me in ways that my husband could not. She knew what to say, what suggestions to make. Having her as my L & D nurse was an amazing stroke of luck and she was an integral part of Noah's birth. Next time, I won't leave it up to chance and hope that I have a nurse with similar beliefs about birth and knowledge about achieving the process naturally. I'll seek her out because now I realize what an asset an educated, supportive, sensitive woman can be to achieving the birth you want.

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