Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Last Year

Since we welcomed little Cole to our family over a year ago, life has gotten busy.  In April, we bought our first home! It's been a big commitment, but I love being in our own place and having the freedom to paint, decorate, and landscape as we choose! Due to law school and work, this was our fifth move in six years of marriage, and it feels good to finally be settled. I've been at my job now for about a year and a half, and the flexibility it allows has been a huge blessing, but has also required significant sacrifice. It has become normal for me to care for the boys for 10-12 hours and when Josh gets home, work for another four or five, resulting in many long, exhausting days. I love that this situation allows me to work and stay home with the boys more than I'd be able to in a traditional work situation, but it doesn't allow for much sleep or personal time.

It requires daily effort to balance my responsibilities and that has been a huge learning experience! Never in my life have I been so aware of the fact that anything I do takes time away from something else that is important. If I want to workout, it means less family time or less sleep. If I spend the evening with the boys and Josh, something at work goes undone. If I want to sleep more than the normal five or six hours a night, work or home obligations take a hit. When I think about it, it really is a good problem, the fact that I have a marriage, two kids, a home and an awesome job to juggle. So many blessings! But I still end almost every day feeling totally maxed out. But maybe that's the point? Some of the best things in life are the hardest, and marriage, motherhood, and balancing those with my other aspirations and responsibilities has, and I'm sure will continue to be, refining.  Extras, like blogging, have taken a backseat in the craziness of the past year, but I'd like to continue to record what our family's up to for my own sake and to share what I'm learning about career, marriage, motherhood, relationships, health, finances, and everything else that goes along with what I (and probably many of you) are pursuing in life.

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