Sunday, April 14, 2013

Noah's 5 Month Update

5 months!!! Here's a little about Noah this month:

Our home measurements have him at about 17 pounds and just under 27 inches. He's wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
He's suddenly become way vocal. He "talks" all the time and it's my favorite thing in the world to hear. He usually wakes up once a night to eat, and afterwards he'll lay in his pack and play for at least a half hour and just babble (quite loudly I might add). I may or may not have 5 minutes of this on video.
He likes to stand up and always seems to be moving around. When this little guy starts to crawl, I have a feeling he'll be going non-stop. He's also getting much better at using his hands. It's fun to watch him touch and grab things intentionally.
Nicknames include Baby Love, Mr. Noah, Little Man, Big Guy, Lovey, Love Muffin, Little Love, Booger, and Stinkeroonie.
He laughed for the first time on the way home from his first trip to Utah, which I talk about here.
He rolls around town like this:
We just barely started weaning him from swaddling and he's started napping in his crib. He's still sleeping in our room at night because I'm So. Freaking. Attached. I just really like having him in there with us. 
Tubby time is still one of his favorite parts of the day.
He's still spending lots of time in the new carrier.
(That middle finger's for Grandpa Todd ;))

This was also Noah's first year of March Madness and yes, he had a bracket! The way we did it is if Josh and I both had a certain team winning a game, we put that down on Noah's bracket too. But, if Josh and I had put down two different teams, we would ask Noah and whichever one he "reacted" to with a smile, a coo, whatever, we put down. Ridiculous, I know, but we thought it would be fun to get him started early because it's such a big deal in my family! And you know what? He got 3rd out of an 18 bracket pool! Here's a picture of Josh and Noah supporting the Broncos on selection Sunday:
And just because it's cute, a picture of Noah helping out with laundry.


  1. OMG!!! What a cute little guy!!! Thanks for sharing these adorable pics!!!

  2. Man...he is adorable! New follower!


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