Thursday, April 4, 2013


Last week we had the opportunity to visit Utah and stay with my grandparents. As our trip came to an end and I was thinking about all of the things we'd done and friends and family we'd been able to spend time with, I realized that Noah wouldn't have the opportunity to know my grandparents the way that I do. Many tears followed and I decided to write down a little bit about them so that one day Noah can read this and learn about them.

Grandma is super smart and can have a conversation about anything. When we visit, we stay up for hours talking about books, current events, stories from her past...everything! I think she's so intelligent because she reads all the time. Her signature phrase is "Oh Mercy!" and she has a great sense of humor. Grandpa is....thorough in his explanation of, well, everything and Grandma (and the rest of us) sometimes gives him a hard time about it. He was in the middle of one of these lengthy explanations when Grandma pretended to fall asleep and then proceeded to slap herself in the face in order to "stay awake". So funny. She's also a great cook and always prepares yummy, healthy meals. Another interesting thing about Grandma is the way she speaks. She sounds so darned refined, pronouncing things like 'nauseas' and 'restaurant' in a way that I've never heard anywhere else.

Grandpa is constantly concerned for the welfare of others. For example, he spent his 70th birthday helping a neighbor do yard work. When we visit, he explains to us (for the 27th time) how to work the shower properly so that we get a good, consistent temperature. He goes into the basement with us and helps us set up our bed and makes sure we have everything we need, even though I've slept in that basement at least twice a year for probably 15 years and could get everything set up in my sleep. More than once, I've left a bed unmade or clothes unfolded for just a few minutes, and discovered it taken care of when I return. He's always thinking about and serving others.

Grandpa throws himself into everything he does. He's doesn't just attend church choir practice the way most people do; he practices the songs on his own so that he has everything right. His church calling is coordinating the cleaning schedule for the building, which usually just involves making sure the church is cleaned once a week. But Grandpa has charts, lists, a whole system for how it's all done. He even does some of it himself so that it's just right. He goes above and beyond in everything he does. Grandpa also loves to sing to the grandkids. I (and likely many of my cousins) have memories of him singing 'Away in a Manger' while I sat on his lap in the recliner. Overhearing him singing this same song to Noah last week brought me to tears. Grandpa also loves ice cream. Anybody who has been a guest in their home has seen the 15+ flavors of that are brought out for dessert. It's like a mini-Baskin Robbins.
I love and so appreciate the way that Grandma and Grandpa have accepted Josh into the family. Grandpa refers to Josh as his grandson, which makes my heart happy because all of Josh's grandparents have passed away and I know he misses them terribly. I feel so lucky to be part of such an awesome family and to have these two as my grandparents. They're funny, hardworking, and dedicated to their family. Their marriage is an example of unconditional love and commitment. I love them, I respect them, and I treasure the time I get to spend with them.

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