Monday, April 15, 2013

20 Things About Bre

I'm joining Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for "What My Loved One Says About Me"! So, in the words of Josh, here are 20 random things about me.
Breanne is...
  1. Hard working- Who else works part-time and takes a ton of credits while getting a 4.0?
  2. Always wanting to learn- She reads and researches until she has mastered the subject.
  3. Refuses to give up/not give 100%- She will run until her foot is bloody or not quit a game until she wins. She is a competitor.
  4. Thinks of others- She always tries to make others feel good (even when they deserve the mess they are in).
  5. A great mom- No explanation needed. Noah lights up when he sees her and she takes AMAZING care of him.
  6. Future doctor- Bre reads so much on baby stuff, we have like 20 books and Noah isn't even a toddler yet. And she stumps the doctor with her complex questions.
  7. Cheerleader- She cheered for many years and loved it. Her squad got sixth place at nationals.
  8. Pretty good at board games :)-Especially Ticket to Ride and Phase 10, but still working on Boggle and Farkle.
  9. Has a bit of a feisty side, but this is good because she makes sure I don't get out of line.
  10. She's kind to others.
  11. Fun to be around- Whether it's a boring walk or an exciting day on Lake Powell, Breanne is a hoot to be with and makes the day better.
  12. Throws a good party- Whether it’s dinner with friends, our wedding, or a gender reveal party, Breanne knows how to get a group together to have fun
  13. Scholar- Bre studies so hard. She graduated with honors despite the fact she worked full-time for most of her degree, or took an unfathomable amount of classes, and she still put the rest of us to shame when she got her report card.
  14. Cares about animals- I don't know why this is special, but I think it is sweet how she cares about every living thing (except for snakes, spiders, and criminals).
  15. Amazing wife- She makes me a better person in every way. She is always encouraging me, helping me fulfill my obligations, and she always finds a way to make me feel good (even when I'm a grouch).
  16. Wannabe decorator- She loves looking at pictures of home decor and planning what we'll do when we buy a house. 
  17. Awesome gift-giver- She ALWAYS thinks of something that is so cool, but you never saw coming.  She is so creative in her giving that it makes the gift extra special. Like the time I got a present every hour for my birthday. Who thinks of that ? Breanne does, because she is that cool. (Note: Pinterest thought of that, but thanks Josh)
  18. Wants to try new things- Bre is never boring, she always wants to try new ethnic food or activity (like tennis or snowshoeing). She always tries to add flavor to life.
  19. Future lawyer- If Bre decides medicine is not for her (see #6) she would be a great jurist. Law school teaches me to argue and I think I am pretty good at it but she smokes me. Plus she gets the law, in fact her business law teacher told her she should attend law school. Breanne has no problem holding her own in an argument about politics, religion, or who spilled food on the carpet. For whatever reason I love that and respect her for it.
  20. Did I mention she is a great mom? I know I did but it is so much a part of her it deserves to be mentioned twice. If I didn't mention it twice I would point out that she is ambitious. Breanne is always looking to better herself and for a new adventure; not just for herself but for our family too. She is always trying to make life a little better and a little sweeter.


  1. So sweet of your hubs! I know where to go with my baby questions from now on!

  2. Awww, this is so sweet!! Love it!

  3. How sweet! It is always fun to hear great things about yourself!

  4. Loved this post {it was a great way to 'get to know' you}!


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