Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

My dad is one of the funniest people I've ever met and he's the type of person that everyone loves to be around. No matter what we're doing, his sense of humor keeps the mood light. He's made so many sacrifices for our family that I couldn't even begin to list them. He works so hard. We grew up being able to take vacations and participate in whatever sports or activities we wanted to because of him.  He works from home and my entire childhood, and even now when we visit, he wakes up super early and goes to bed late to work so that he can spend time doing things with us during the day. Growing up, when he wasn't working, he was doing stuff with us.  My childhood was filled with family soccer and football games, time at the park, trips to amusement parks and the beach, and lots of time playing board games. I seriously think I have the best dad in the world.
The way Josh is with Noah amazes me every day. He loves spending time with him and is so patient with him. Despite being busy with school and studying for the bar, he changes diapers, gives baths, reads books...he'll do anything. These two are little buddies and so cute together. I knew Josh would be a good dad, but he's far exceeded my expectations and I know I'm so lucky to have a husband that is such a fantastic father.

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