Saturday, February 16, 2013

Noah's 3 Month Update

This little guy is growing and changing every day! Some highlights from this last month:

He's smiling a ton and making all kinds of crazy faces. 

We try to get out for a walk every day. I throw Noah in the Baby K'tan and we usually end up coming home with a large Diet Coke. 
Noah took his first road trip to McCall. He was a rockstar on the way over. We won't talk about the ride home. We went with our friends Nick and Amanda and their baby Carter and took barely any pictures.
Trying on his snowsuit for the trip

The drive to McCall

The view from the house we stayed in. So pretty.

  • As always, he hates being confined and seems to escape from everything we put him in. Swaddles, clothes, anything that's supposed to cover his hands.
  • Still loving "tubby time"
  • He's almost out of 0-3 month clothes and just moved into size 2 diapers. Our unofficial home measurements have him at around 25.5 inches and just over 13 pounds. Tall and skinny. Wonder where he gets that from? :)
  • He rolled over from his tummy to his back with assistance from a little pillow we have that came with his playmat on 2/6 and then rolled without the pillow on 2/12.
  • For most of this month, his longest nighttime stretch was 5-7 hours, but it's just recently increased to 8.5-9 some nights. Naptime's a different story.

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  1. Do we have the exact same baby? everything you say that Noah did was almost the exact timing of Cole! also, nighttime sleep is getting better...but naps...well, you know. ;)


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