Sunday, January 4, 2015

Noah's Two Year Update

We went to California over the summer and he loved the beach. We let him sit and play in an inch or two of water and he was so cold that he was shaking and still didn't want to get out.
He's obsessed with cars and airplanes and that's most of what he's playing with these days. He runs almost everywhere he goes and is so full of energy. We get comments about this multiple times a week from strangers, family members, and friends.
He's a pretty good eater but if he had a choice, his diet would consist of olives, noodles, cheese and juice. Thankfully, he's not in charge, so his diet is varied and full of healthy stuff, although he doesn't like most green vegetables.
He can say and identify all basic colors and is learning to count. Right now he can go up to ten.

The park is one of his favorite places and he especially loves splash pads,  so we went to a lot of those over the summer.
His vocabulary is exploding and it seems like he's learning new words every day. Some of the words he can say: eye, nose, teeth, mama, daddy, Grandpa, Grandma (Amma), Brock, Austin, Mowgli (Mo Moo), red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, blue, white, cheese (chee),  noodles (noonoo) cracker, milk, keys, banana (nana), kitty, tree, moon, stuck (tuck), ball, moo, nay, meow, knee, pool, star (tar), circle, flower, no, puppy, dog, knucks, Mason (May May), Dave, please, thank you, grass, giraffe (gaff), coco (what he calls coconut water), amen, juice, drink, car, corn, airplane (pair pay), bus, truck, elbow, up, me,
Noah and "Mo Moo"
He loves listening to music and dancing. He also likes to clap his hands or slap his legs along to the beat. Favorite songs that he requests by name: Pompeii by Bastille (he calls it "paypay"), Boom Clap by Charlie XCX,  and Flaws by Bastille (he calls it "up", because they say up a lot in the song).
Listening to "Boom Clap"
He's so, so social and loves being around his cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. When people come over, he usually runs up and down the hall screaming with delight.
He's gotten even closer to Josh lately and loves playing "nay nay" with him.

We transitioned him to a toddler bed because he started climbing out of his crib about a month and a half before his birthday. It has definitely been a struggle, but I think we've worked out the kinks and he's sleeping all night in his own bed. Our only problem is that he's an early riser and frequently wakes up at 5:30 or 6. He also loves sleeping with a million stuffed animals, so we have to go in every night after he's fallen asleep and get them out of his bed.
He loves babies and is so gentle with them. His cousin Penelope was born in September and he liked to look at her and even tried to gently pick her up before I stopped him. When he sees a baby or a carseat out in public, he squeals "baby, baby". Sometimes he walks up and touches my belly and says "baby, baby" in a super high-pitched voice, but I don't think he really gets that there's going to be another person joining our family and living in our house.
We're defnitely in the "terrible two's" where the highs are high and the lows are low. He's pushing boundaries and is very stubborn and opinionated (which is normal, I think?). Every day requires a lot of patience, redirecting, and discipline. At the same time, he's so funny, happy, and learning so many new things.


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