Sunday, November 3, 2013

Noah's 11 Month Update

Noah is about 21 pounds, wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 9-12 month clothes.
He learned how to crawl up the stairs (with one of us right behind him, obviously) and started pulling himself up on the furniture and walking around. The first time he pulled himself up in his pack and play, he was so proud! He also loves standing up in the tub, which freaks me out even more now that we've moved him out of the baby bathtub.
First time standing up on his own.
This month we introduced cantaloupe, pineapple, beets, apricots, cinnamon, strawberries, barley, eggplant, potatoes, purple carrot juice, and Cheerios. He's become way more interested in finger foods and feeding himself. He adores apples, especially sharing them with me. I love the way he furiously crawls to me and sits on my lap when I have an apple because he knows he'll get some.
Speaking of apples...we took him on his first apple picking expedition this month. He loved the apple part but was even more entertained by the dog running through the orchard.
The apple Noah picked.
After months of giving me awesome kisses, he'll finally kiss dad. Before, Josh would try and Noah would turn away.
Sitting is not something he does often.
He's started pointing his finger, though I'm not sure if he's pointing at things with intention yet.
He's totally fascinated by the train behind our apartment. He'll hear it coming and start almost hyperventilating because he's so excited. Then he books it to the back door or I'll pick him up and we'll run because it's faster and he'll watch it in awe.
This boy has such a feisty personality! He's opinionated, social, energetic, vocal, and totally perfect. What a blessing.

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