Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy, Friendly, Just Like Dad

When people meet Noah, they say one of three things: he's one of the happiest babies they've ever met, he's one of the friendliest babies they've ever met, or he looks just like his dad. Sometimes he gets all three at once and it makes my mama heart so proud. I love this little boy so much and to have other people see what I do, and to love Noah, fills my heart with joy. He smiles at strangers in the grocery store who aren't even looking at him. He babbles on and on to people he's only been around for a few minutes. One day we were out and someone came up to me and said, "I don't know if you noticed, but your baby has been smiling at me, and it has really made my day".  He's so full of joy. As he grows older and faces challenges and rejection and disappointment and fear, I hope that he never loses that.


  1. What a beautiful little boy he is, inside and out!

  2. oh, goodness, he is adorable! he looks super happy in this picture, that's for sure! Having a happy baby is the best! :)

  3. Holy moly lady, you and I just might be kindred spirits. People say those exact same things about my 11 month old! He is the spitting image of his daddy, too. Just found your blog through the mom lovin' blog hop and am happy to be following along! I read your about me section and am also loving all your natural birth posts. I tried so hard for a drug-free birth, which ended in an unnecessary c-section. It was a fairly traumatic birth experience for me and I am still working through it. Would love for you to pop over and check it out, as I always love having fellow hippie-in-the-making birthy friends. :) -Andrea


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